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PCIe Gen5.0 x 4 (x2 Dual Port) | NVMe 2.0 |
OCP Datacenter NVMe SSD 2.0 | 64 Physical Functions

The industry’s first OCP SSD with FDP Support, leading performance in a low power envelope for next generation Hyperscale data centers.


PCIe Gen4.0 x 4 | NVMe 1.4a
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0

Twice the performance of Gen3 for high sustained QoS at industry leading low power and industry-leading IOPS/Watt.


PCIe Gen3.1 x 4 | NVMe 1.4
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0

The Industry’s first E1.S SSDs for enterprise storage and leading latency QoS at any workload.


PCIe Gen3.1 x 4 | NVMe 1.3
OCP NVMe Cloud SSD 1.0

XL-Flash based ultra-low latency Cache SSD.

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Design:Controllers &
Customized Firmware

Design and build your own SSD powered by FADU controllers and customized firmware.


Select a Turnkey FADU design solution, bring your own FLASH, and jump start your production.

Use or Sell:Private

Consign your FLASH to FADU and we’ll manufacture and package your private-labeled SSDs for you, ready to use or sell.


  • 전자증권 전환 대상 주권 권리자(주주) 보호 및 조치사항 안내

    March 31, 2023

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  • Flash Memory Summit 2022 Executive Platinum Sponsor Keynote by Jihyo Lee, FADU CEO & Co-Founder and Ross Stenfort, Meta

    August 7, 2022

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